Telephone and email

Phone (reception): +46462229872
Phone (Lund University): +46462220000

Mailing address

MAX IV Laboratory
Lund University
First name Surname
PO Box 118
SE-221 00 Lund

LU internal mail: Hämtställe 58

Visiting address

MAX IV Laboratory
Fotongatan 2
224 84 Lund

Reception desk opening hours: Mon–Fri, 08:00 – 12:00 during Covid-19

Delivery address

MAX IV Laboratory
Fotongatan 8
224 84 Lund

Billing address

MAX IV Laboratory
Lund University
First name Surname
PO Box 188
SE-221 00 Lund

VAT number

VAT no: SE202100321101
Corporate identification number: 202100-3211


Director: Ian McNulty
Mobile: +46722034322

Interim Physical Sciences Director: Conny Såthe
Mobile: +46709323673

Life Science Director: Marjolein Thunnissen
Mobile: +46766320417

Accelerator Director: Pedro Fernandes Tavares
Mobile: +46766323317

Administrative Director: Katarina Jacobsson
Phone: +46462224306
Mobile: +46722455575

User Office

Franz Hennies
Phone: +46462221415

Industrial Relations Office

Magnus Larsson
Mobile: +46725546309

Human Resources

Therese Oppliger
Phone: +46732326527


Procurement Coordinator: Johan Alexon
Phone: +46722182425

Group managers

Head of Communications: Tutti Johansson Falk
Phone: +46766323326

Head of Computing Services and Control Systems: Darren Spruce
Phone: +46766323302

Head of Engineering I: Eshraq Al’Dmour
Mobile: +46732326525

Head of Engineering II: Magnus Berglund
Phone: +46462228824
Mobile: +46708394512

Head of Finance and Office Services: Marie Andersson
Phone: +46462224702
Mobile: +46709398493

Interim Head of Safety & Work Environment: Peter Fuesz
Phone: +46725382879

Beamline Office: Yngve Cerenius
Phone: +46462220170

Diffraction and Scattering: Ann Terry
Phone: +46703264498

Macromolecular X-ray Crystallography (MX): Uwe Müller
Phone: +46730655268

Spectroscopy: Conny Såthe 
Mobile: +46709323673

Imaging: Karina Thånell
Phone: +46709323020

Accelerator Operations: Stephen Molloy

Accelerator development: Åke Andersson
Mobile: +46709473275

Insertion Devices: Hamed Tarawneh
Mobile: +46727214400

RF: Pedro Fernandes Tavares
Mobile: +46766323317


Head of MAX Faculty of Science,
Head of Accelerator Physics: Sverker Werin
Phone: +46462227626

MAX Faculty of Science,
Head of Synchrotron Radiation Instrumentation: Ralf Nyholm
Phone: +46462224452